Chiropractic and Athletes

Chiropractic care is becoming
the competitive advantage that many athletes are seeking.

Chiropractic and AthletesThe practice of a sport requires been in the best possible conditions at full capacity. The elite athletes know that, and for that reason, in countries where Chiropractic is more developed, high-level athletes and Olympic teams are usually under chiropractic care.

The nervous system controls the body functions. Chiropractic care, by removing subluxations (displacements), facilitates communication between the brain and the body for information to flow without interference. Chiropractic Applied to sports, give excellent results in the improvement and empowerment of the athletes, and injury prevention.

Besides the consequences that come from intensive practice their sport, athletes undergo throughout their careers a number of injuries. Although they have recovered from their symptoms and were able to resume sporting activity, these accidents involved in the development of subluxations, both vertebral joints of the limbs. With the cumulative effect of these lesions, this process results in a progressive decline in physical performance of the athlete.

Athletes can finf in the chiropractic care help they need to recover quickly from injuries resulting from a practice of their sport. But even more important for the athlete is the ability of the chiropractor to speak, independently of the presence or absence of particular symptoms, optimizing the performance of the organism.

The best preparation for a major competition is not just to act at the time of the test, but to integrate chiropractic adjustments as part of routine physical care of the athlete.