Chiropractic and Pregnancy

The techniques used and the fact dispense medication make
chiropractic safe for both mother and fetus.

Chiropractic and PregnancyLower back pain or sciatica, so common in this period, largely caused by those changes in gravity, weight gain, tracking and spinal flexion, involve discomfort in daily activity, and the heaviness of the legs and general malaise gastrointestinal.

A dysfunction in the lumbar and pelvic, can create tension in the pelvic ligaments that support the uterus and therefore a bad influence on the baby position in childbirth. Natural childbirth will be more difficult.

The regular and preventive chiropractic care during pregnancy allows your body to optimize and prepare its resources.

Adjusting the spine of the pregnant woman reduce vertebral subluxations (displacements of the vertebrae) that alter nerve function, thereby permitting the self-regulatory body to enable women to continue working more easily during pregnancy. Chiropractic and Pregnancy

After childbirth, many women report pain in the spine. Chiropractic may help to ensure that the joints and ligaments stretched and weak return to their place. Chiropractic care can also treat pain caused by some headaches, shoulder problems and pains in muscles and nerves caused by sustained changes in your body.