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Call us Member of the WFC World Federation of Chiropractic
Welcome to the Gregoletto Chiropractic Center
Our center is specialized in resolving spinal and limb problems through Chiropractic treatment. We help to recover and maintain health by taking advantage of the existing relations between the nervous system, muscles, tissues and organs. All articulations of the human body are part of its musculoskeletal system and its proper functioning is necessary for the whole organism. Having the spine and nervous system examined regularly is essential for a healthy life without pain.

Our Chiropractic Center aims to provide careful attention to each person and we will be happy to give you an attentive and personalized treatment.

We invite you to our Chiropractic Center and learn about its benefits to your health and wellbeing. “In the end, it´s not the years in your life that count. It´s the life in your years.”
A. Lincoln

Diana Gregoletto, Chiropractor
Member of the WFC World Federation of Chiropractic
The Clinic
The Gregoletto Clinic has a qualified and experienced profesional staff. Patients can be confident that the treatment they receive will provide the best possible recovery. We are specialists in Chiropractic treatment of the spine and extremities. Our Chiropractic Center aim ..
The Chiropractic Treatment
Chiropractic Treatment can consists of adjustments to the spine and/or limbs, postural exercises, recommendations for home and work, kinesio taping. Chiropractic treatment consists of three stages: 1.Inicial  Intensive Care: At this stage the main focus is to reduce sympt ..
Kinesio Taping
The Kinesio Taping technique uses a special elastic tape: the elasticity mimics the flexibility of human skin and muscles. The purpose is the treatment and prevention of muscle injuries, joint, neurological and ligament. The Kinesio Taping was developed by the chiropractor ..